KRB Rezzy Awards

                         Rezzy Rezzonate Education Award – presented to Shera Higbee, NWRHS


Left to Right, Presenting award, Gail Pittman, Shera Higbee and Jeannine May, KRB Director

Rezzy Community Greening Award – presented to Tommy Long, Tree Source Farm & Plant Nursery


Left to Right:  Tommy Long and Jeannine May

                     Rezzy Communicator Award – presented to Linda Horton, Rankin County News


Left to Right:  Jeannine May and Linda Horton




KRB Awards

                          Government and Volunteer Award- presented to Ryan Jones, MDWFP


Left to right:  Gail Pittman, presenting award, Ryan Jones and Jeannine May KRB Director


                     KRB Treasure the Rez Award – presented to Chuck Rhodes, Puckett High School  


Left to right:  Gail Pittman, presenting award, Chuck Rhodes and Jeannine May KRB Director



KRB Awards

KRB Rezzy Recycling Award – presented to Daniel Cross, Rankin County Supervisor, District 2


Left to Right:  Presenting award, Gail Pittman, Daniel Cross and Jeannine May KRB Director 

KRB Project Rezway Award – presented to Melanie Starnes


Left to Right, Presenting award, Gail Pittman, Daniel Cross and Jeannine May KRB Director

Independence Day Celebration

Independence Day Celebration, July 1 – Lakeshore Park, Free — gates open at 4 p.m. 

Vendors, kids activities, a band and fireworks at dark!     Come by and visit the Keep The Rez Beautiful’s booth.  We will be giving out cigarette butt cups in a new effort to reduce cigarette litter.  Don’t Flick It!  Put Your Butts Here!  KRB will be putting up 25 new cigarette litter receptacles in all of the PRVWSD campgrounds and parks in the near future.   We will also be displaying a new photo kiosk board, so come by and Take Your Pic!  … and post it on the KRB Facebook site…keeptherezbeautiful.   


Turtle Point Nature Area


James Stark, a friend of KRB’s that works with DEQ, is a frequent early morning jogger at the Turtle Point Nature Area.  He recently shared photos of the area.  Thanks James for sharing with KRB! Beautiful….By the way, KRB is looking for volunteers who would like to help in the pollinator garden and assist with some tree care.  For more information, contact Jeannine May @ 



REZ Spillway Cleanup

Thank you to the many volunteers who have been helping with the Cleanups below the Spillway!  Pictures, dates and results are below:

March 27, 1 volunteer, 154 items
April 26, KRB cleanup with 110 volunteers, approximately 9000 items
April 28, 1 volunteer, 90 items
May 1, 1 volunteer, 192 items
May 5, 1 volunteer, 86 items
May 8, 1 volunteer, 156 items
May 16, 1 volunteer, 198 items
May 19, 1 volunteer, 428 items
May 25, Litter Reduction Task Force Cleanup, 25 volunteers, approximately 1257 items
June 2, Litter Reduction Task Force Cleanup, 15 volunteers, approximately 947 items
June 12, 1 volunteer, 78 items
June 16, Litter Reduction Task Force Cleanup, 15 volunteers, approximately 364 items

Total number of items removed from banks of Pearl River since Mar 27 = 13,053


New Dog Park Opens



Volunteers for Keep the Rez Beautiful, Jerry Palmer and Jeannine May, added some beauty to the new dog park, opening this Saturday, May 20 at the PRVWD Old Trace Park on Rice Road.  Drift roses, daylilies and lantana were planted at the entrance this week.   The park is a beautiful asset to the area and will be enjoyed by many of our canine friends. The Barnett Reservoir Foundation and many other sponsors are to be congratulated for coordinating the project.