Solar Compactors

We have three new solar compactors (“Big Bellies”) installed at Turtle Point, Timberlake Campground and at the Rankin landing on Spillway Road.   We are so proud of these solar recyclers!   KRB has been instrumental in applying for a DEQ grant and working with the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District and Waste Management…..we achieved our goal for a better way to eliminate litter around the Rez.  If you would like to help us with a ribbon cutting for the compactor at Turtle Point Nature Area, we would greatly appreciate the press and help.  The reason they are called a Big Belly is due to the fact that they will hold a lot of plastic, aluminum, cardboard and paper…and using solar energy, they are packed into a small bag when full.   The recyclables are then transported via PRVWSD to our recycle roll off at the Reservoir Fire Station on Spillway Road and then on to FV Recycling in Sumrall, Mississippi.   KRB partnered with Flowood recently and installed one in the Flowood Winner’s Circle Park as well.  Thank you to MS Department of Environmental Quality for helping us Recycle Often and Recycle Right!


2016 Award of Excellence

Keep the Rez Beautiful (KRB) was recently recognized at the Keep America Beautiful’s National Conference with the Award of Excellence in Washington, DC for:
• conducting 30 cleanups in five years, including numerous water cleanups using kayaks,
• installing cigarette ash receptacles in several parks and campgrounds through Cigarette Litter Prevention Program,
• installing county’s first solar compactor in a park with Waste Management grant,
• creating the Turtle Point Nature Area, a pollinator/sensory garden that uses native plants to promote water quality,
• constructing a paved walking trail, benches, and an ADA-compliant kayak launch, and
• creating 18 pollinator gardens, planting more than 50 azaleas along a major roadway, and planting scores of trees thanks to various KAB Community Impact Grants over the last three years.

Link to Press Release


Keep The Rez Beautiful’s Nomination for Youth-Individual Education, Keep America Beautiful Awards for 2016 Wins!

Keep The Rez Beautiful’s Nomination for Youth-Individual Education, Keep America Beautiful Awards for 2016 Wins! Congratulations Becca Blair!  She is an extraordinary 9-year-old youth who starting a curbside recycling program, “HELP ME GO GREEN” in a new neighborhood with 17 homeowners.  The motivation was to reduce her family’s waste from going to the landfill for a month.  The project is still active many months later.   Since March 2016, Becca has collected over 3,000 pounds with over 1,200 volunteer hours.  She is making a difference in our area.

Link to Press Release



KRB Hosts 2nd GAC for 2017

Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks’ officers recently requested a clean up in the Reservoir Spillway area.  On Saturday, October 22, the officers and several Boy Scouts and their parents participated in the efforts.  Over 50 bags of litter were retrieved from the rocks, boat landing and on the sandbars.  The group is looking for solutions to keep the area litter free.  KRB hosted their GAC there in April of this year.  A survey was taken and many of the people who frequent the area offered solutions such as more enforcement, higher fines for littering, more signage, more garbage cans, and charging a fee to fish in the area.      Until  the solutions are found……the trash that was picked up, WON’T go down stream to the Gulf of Mexico when the rain comes,  and the garbage bags won’t be flying in the trees.     Thanks guys and ladies for your help!

Let’s Get Ready and Grow!

KRB has partnered with teachers at Stonebridge, Northwest Rankin Elementary and  NWR High School to help teachers meet Science curriculum requirements in planting seeds and growing healthy food.  Four raised bed planting tables were donated and students participated in planting lettuce seeds, radishes, carrots and kale!  More than 400 students participated in the event.   Nicole Kitchens, Horticulture Therapist, Glynna Garrott & Jeannine May, KRB Volunteers coordinated the project.

KRB also volunteers with the Mustard Seed  where seedsters have two large tables for growing herbs and vegetables year round!


KRB starts the 2017 Great American Clean Up

Last Saturday, about 70 cub scouts and parents helped landscape the Turtle Point Nature Area and Lakeshore Park by mulching flower beds, azaleas and trees and picking up limbs. They also picked up litter below the Spillway.  All the efforts are appreciated!  Thank you!