Keep the Rez Beautiful (KRB) is a non-profit organization dedicated to litter cleanup, litter prevention, and beautification of the Ross Barnett Reservoir. KRB is the 30th Keep America Beautiful (KAB) affiliate in Mississippi and the nation’s first affiliate to focus on a reservoir. KRB was formed in November 2010 and KRB is in need of members and volunteers to realize its mission.

We want to encourage people to care. We want to see improvements. KRB’s success lies in the collaboration between citizens, businesses, public officials, and civic leaders all working together to identify local concerns and to apply KRB’s five-step approach (adopted from Keep America Beautiful): getting the facts, involving the people, planning systematically, focusing on results and providing positive reinforcement.


KRB works to define litter, identify litter sources, understand why people litter, reduce litter by changing behavior, organize clean-ups and educate on proper handling of waste.


KRB wants to reduce the impact of solid waste in our community through efforts that include recycling, composting and education.


KRB aims to improve the visual aspects of our community through programs that beautify the environment, including community gardens, restoration of vacant lots, highway and shoreline beautification, urban forests, native and wild flower plantings and graffiti abatement.


KRB believes that improving our community starts with our children. KRB wants to work with students to clean up the Reservoir and teach them about the importance of being stewards of the environment.


A lot, if you ask us! The Rez has a tremendous impact on central Mississippi residents as well as the ecosystem it surrounds. The Rez supplies drinking water for more than 150,000 people while serving as a recreation center for thousands of people each year. The Rez provides aquatic habitats, including streams and wetlands. Migratory birds take shelter along the Rez shorelines, and fish and other aquatic species live in its waters. As our community continues to grow, we will need to ignite our beautification and restoration efforts.


Please contact Leigh Anne Leech at leighleech@gmail.com or Justin Fritscher at jmfritscher@gmail.com.


KRB is a nonprofit organization, and funds will help it realize its mission, which includes community clean-ups, beautification efforts and education.





Check us out on Shutterfly, Facebook and Twitter. You can call us at (601) 856-6574 or e-mail us at keeptherezbeautiful@gmail.com. Sign up for our email newsletter by emailing keeptherezbeautiful@gmail.com.

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    • Hi Morson,

      We are adding you to our Member E-mail list and we send out different volunteer opportunities from time to time. Also, be sure to check out this site for upcoming events, too. We appreciate your interest!

      The KRB Team

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