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Utilizing the help of KRB’s Director, Rebecca”Becca” Blair, an extraordinary 8-year-old, and her Mom created and started a curbside recycling program, “HELP ME GO GREEN” in Saddlewood neighborhood.  KAB’s educational information on recycling, including Waste in Place, has been part of Becca’s plan.  Based on past experience while picking up litter below the Reservoir’s Spillway and along the Pearl River, around Pelahatchie Bay and other areas in the community, she  has made a lasting impression on others as to show litter can be recycled, reused or reduced.

She found out after recycling in a week at home that the family could reduce their trash
from 7 – 9 bags down to 2 – 3  bags by recycling  plastics that her family threw away.  She
was so excited about the results that she wanted to involve her neighborhood. She asked
Keep the Rez to donate reusable mesh Boat and Tote Bags that are used by boaters to
reduce litter in the Reservoir.   Keep The Rez Beautiful requested that she weigh her
findings for future references.  Becca created a flyer for distribution for recruitment.
The e first week she collected 12.5 pounds of  plastic recyclables from 17 households. She
picked up the bags every Monday and kept a log of what she was collecting. Her recycle
efforts were so visible that other children in the neighborhood wanted to assist. Her
Mom would trailer the recyclables to the KRB recycle county roll once a week.
Becca also made an outfit of recyclables  (“The Garden Nome” made from dog food bags),
and was in the 2016 KRB  5th annual Project Rezway, a recycle fashion show.  Her outfit, a
reusable garden outfit won rave reviews from the audience.  Her outfit was featured in two
magazines (3,000 circulation).    KRB has also featured her on Facebook and the KRB to tell Becca’s Go Green story.

Volunteers include herself, her Mom and Dad and 4 neighborhood children. Using no funding and Boat and Tote bags donated by KRB, she is still walking the neighborhood to promote her project and  still collecting the recyclables seven months.

Keep the Reservoir Beautiful receives Mississippi Recycling Coalition’s 2015 Non-Profit Recycler of the Year Award for the State of Mississippi

Keep the Reservoir Beautiful, an affiliate of Keep Mississippi Beautiful, works to promote waste reduction, recycling, composting, litter prevention and beautification in the area of the Ross Barnett Reservoir located in Central Mississippi. KRB conducts various activities and events to promote recycling and proper waste management such as Recycle Bowl, the Great American Clean-up, and KRB’s annual recycle fashion show, Project Rezway. These and other activities conducted by KRB serve to educate residents of the Reservoir area on the benefits of recycling in a fun and unique way and encourage them to get involved and take responsibility for improving the community. Also, as part of the Boat U.S. Foundation’s Reel and Recycle Program, KRB has established a recycling program to prevent broken monofilament fishing line from being put in the Reservoir. In partnership with the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District and MS Adopt a Stream, the fishing line is collected in containers placed in areas around the Reservoir for recycling. This recycling program prevents litter and injury to local birds and other wildlife that may get caught in broken fishing line. In addition, KRB works closely with Rankin County Supervisors and Waste Management to promote the County’s local recycling drop-off location near the Reservoir Fire Station and Community Center. KRB informs and encourages residents in the use of the drop-off site through social media and other methods. In 2014, KRB was able to help expand recycling for reservoir area residents and visitors through a grant award from Waste Management. KRB used the funds from the grant to purchase the first solar recycling compactor in Rankin County. The solar compactor, located at Winner’s Circle Park in Flowood has been a huge success with the help of the City of Flowood. KRB is continuing to work to build on the success of these recycling efforts by adding an additional recyclable roll-off container at the Fire Station drop-off site and additional compactors at Timberlake Campground, the Turtle Point Nature area and fishing areas along the reservoir. For their commitment to improve and enhance recycling conditions in their community, Keep the Reservoir Beautiful receives MRC’s 2015 Non-Profit Recycler of the Year Award for the State of Mississippi.

The Mississippi Recycling Coalition is a consortium of recycling companies, local governments, state agencies, and other interested organizations in the State of Mississippi. MRC promotes and encourages responsible solid waste management through various methods such as source reduction, reuse, recycling, and composting programs.  For more information on the MRC and the MRC Environmental Hero Awards, please visit the MRC web page at http://www.msrecycles.org/.


Congratulations Billy Mitchell,  KRB volunteer,  in winning the Solo Recreational Canoe award at the Gator Bait Kayak race in September!!!  Thanks Billy for all that you do to help Keep our Rez Beautiful!


RESERVOIR E – Electronics – Recycle Day

Celebrate Keep America Beautifuls’ America’s Recycle Day and E-RECYCLE
RESERVOIR E – Electronics – Recycle Day
Saturday,  November 5, 2016

Sponsored by Keep the Rez Beautiful and Magnolia Data Solutionscomputers

Revell Ace Hardware Shopping Center Parking Lot
1919 Spillway Rd.   Brandon, MS  39047
(Parking lot on Spillway Rd. near Hugh Ward Blvd. Intersection)
8:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Bring any unwanted electronics and lighten the electronic waste from your home or office and recycle in an environmentally friendly and secure way!

Acceptable Items:

Computers, All Computer Components, Desktop Copiers, Fax Machines, Radios, Televisions,
Cell Phones, Desk Phones, VCR Players, DVD Players, Electronic Games, Monitors, Keyboards, Printers, Laptops, Scanners, Stereos/Radios, UPS  (Will accept all electronics)

***There is a $5 charge per monitor & $15 charge per television***  This charge covers the cost incurred by Magnolia Data Solutions from recycling these items properly and in keeping with EPA requirements (i.e. shipping and weight for CRT tubes.) All items collected are properly recycled at Magnolia Data Solutions. Magnolia Data Solutions Is Mississippi’s only CERTIFIED and largest electronic recycler processing over 1.5 million pounds of e-Waste per year

For more information on this e-Waste event, please contact Barrett White with Magnolia Data Solutions @(601) 919-0062, ext. 102 or email Barrett@MagnoliaDataSolutions.com  or email  KRB @keeptherezbeautiful@gmail.com





P. O. BOX 5946


September 6, 2016…….Keep The Rez Beautiful would like to thank everyone who donated goods for the recent KRB “Operation Pack the Trailer,” to help Waste Management drivers in Baton Rouge!

The donations were delivered to the Waste Management operations center in Walker, LA on August 27. Ronnie May, KRB volunteer drove the trailer to Baton Rouge and assisted in the delivery. The new KRB trailer is a new donation from Keep Mississippi Beautiful. Also, a very special thank you to the Reservoir Fire Station “guys” who assisted in the collection of the items, and others who donated their time and efforts. “We couldn’t have done it without you assisting us in the collection.” stated Jeannine May, KRB Director.

The donations, valued at over $4,000.00, included toiletry items, pillows, blankets, baby items and more! Over 51 WM drivers lost everything, and have been picking up trash and other household items for weeks that everyone else lost, according the WM officials in Baton Rouge.

“Our entire Waste Management Gulf Coast Team is extremely thankful to the Keep the Reservoir Beautiful affiliate and Keep Miss. Beautiful for their incredible generosity,” said Tricia Farace, Community Relations Representative. “The flooding disaster in south LA is of epic proportions. Some estimates indicate over 100,000 families and businesses were flooded. Waste Management alone saw 50 of our families and countless extended family members flooded by this disastrous storm. We have mobilized to help our employees and these contributions will go a long way to assist in soothing our families during this difficult time. THANK YOU Keep the Rez Beautiful and Keep Miss. Beautiful for your support.


Littering is a Problem at The Rez and Along Pearl River

By Natay Holmes
Published: July 12, 2016, 7:28 pm

BRANDON, Miss. (WJTV) – Trash along the Pearl River and reservoir is becoming a problem for anyone who boats or fishes.

A volunteer group says they need help keeping the waterways clean.

Plastic bottles, old fishing worm containers and lots of trash are piled along the shore of the reservoir.

Rodney Bennett didn’t expect to be surrounded by it while fishing at The Rez.

“It’s a little disturbing, you out here fishing and you having a good time and seeing all this trash out here. It’s not a good thing for the fisherman,” said Bennett.

Trash that gets caught in the reservoir flows down the Pearl River and sometimes makes it into the Gulf of Mexico.

Angi Webb, owner of Pearl River Kayaks in Brandon, says her customers have complained about the trash while being out on the water.

“It’s sad to see that everywhere you turn, there’s trash floating in the water and caught up in the weeds. It’s ruining this beautiful area that we’re blessed with,” said Webb.

‘Keep Reservoir Beautiful’ is a volunteer group that works to keep areas around the Pearl River and reservoir clean.

The group collects tons of trash throughout the year.

“We have a lot of people that are very concerned; they put litter in its place. Then we have many people that just leave it. They leave their trash when they get through. What we focus on are clean ups,” said Jeannine May, the Director of Keep the Reservoir Beautiful.

In a matter of 10 minutes, Webb collected a pile of trash along the river in her kayak.

The Pearl River Valley Water Supply District has workers that clean up areas around the water during the week but some think it’s going to take more.

“We would like to see more enforcement, where people are fined. We would love to see the judges and other political figures, in Mississippi, the legislators, raise fines like it is in other states,” said May.

“They have to care more for this area. If people aren’t changing their own minds in doing that, there needs to be some level of enforcement to help kind of kick it in.”

The Mississippi Development of Environmental Quality says they do not have a team that clears the waters of waste but they do investigate if there is an illegal dumping site.
Video is located at http://wjtv.com/2016/07/12/littering-is-a-problem-at-the-rez-and-along-pearl-river/